Best Fruits for weight loss in India|Lose 5kgs in 4 weeks|

Best fruits for weight loss in India

Hello everyone… We all very well known about the benefits of eating fruits rather than any junk food outside. But, Some of us doesn’t know how to eat, when to eat and what are the best and benefits of different fruits. We sometimes more prefer foreign fruits for burning of fat which is very costly. But we have Best fruits for weight loss in India itself.

What is the use of seasonal fruits?

There is a particular reason for some fruits available in some places and some climate only. Apple plants grow in only low degree temperature and Mangoes grew in hot weather. Depends on the climate and environment our body also behaves. That’s why we have to take seasonal fruits which are available in the market and affordable.

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Best Fruits for weight loss in India

There are some fruits which are not only for giving good health but also it burns fat in our body and results in weight loss. Good health means glowing skin. Here I would like to tell you what are the best fruits for weight loss in India and when to eat them. We should not consume fruits after having lunch or dinner.

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Early morning eating banana will help your metabolism clean and free. After lunch or dinner eating fruits means fruits can easily digest and the mixture in the stomach leads to improper digestion.

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Star fruits will burn more fat. Coconut is also a fruit which helps fat burning.


An apple in a day keeps you doctor away“. This quote tells you the benefits of apple. Apple contains more fiber and no cholesterol so that you can consume it as much as you can. Each 100g apple contains 50 cal. It completes your stomach so that you don’t feel hungry. It is affordable in the Indian market and easily available. You can eat Apple as your breakfast or dinner.

best fruits for weight loss in India

Oranges / Citrus fruits:

Having every morning Orange juice will give you high energy and full of Vitamins C. Rather than drinking juices prefer eating that fruit so that the fiber in oranges will not be wasted. Daily include one orange and lemon on your diet. Drinking Lemon hot water at early morning clean your stomach.

Best fruits for weight loss in india

These fruits are best for weight loss and easily available and affordable. Acid in citrus fruits really help you out for fat burning.

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Melons:( Watermelon, Karbuja, Papaya, Cucumber)

Melon fruits really help your stomach by completely filling with healthy and easily digests. Water percentage in these fruits are more comparative to other normal fruits. This water fills your stomach and you won’t get hungry. Seeds in these melons are also useful. Roast the seeds and eat them as an evening snack.

best fruits for weight loss in India

Pineapple/ Guava:( Fiber fruits)

This is somewhat costly than above fruits but it burns fat faster. Eat pineapple pieces or drink juice this contains more fiber and it helps your fat loss.

Guava is easily available and even can make grow at home also. Very cheap. Even diabetic patient can also eat this. Guava contains more fiber and one guava fills our stomach. More fiber consumption means more fat loss.

Seasonal fruits:

I told you the benefits of seasonal fruits above. Easily available at market.

That’s all friends… This information will definitely help your health and boost your energy levels by eating fresh fruits. Eat salads, Drink juices. Fruits are the natural sweetened items. Don’t eat junk foods. Eating only fruits will also help you lose weight faster.

Best fruits for weight loss in India are available in world-wide also.

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