Best vegetables for weight loss|Do’s & Don’ts |Rich in Fibre & proteins|

Vegetables are the best resources for proteins and fiber. Some of them you can eat it as raw also. Here, I would like to give you the list of Best vegetables for weight loss and what to do and what not do for proper diet.

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Best vegetables for weight loss and tips for how to take them:

Some of the Vegetables which are rich in vitamins, minerals are available in our market and also affordable. We can make salads, soups and boil veggies, etc. Eating different types of vegetables will give you so much energy and improves your health.

Some of the best veggies are Cucumber, Tomotos, Mirchi, Cabbage, onions, etc.

Best fruits for weight loss– Here is the list for the fruits that burn your body fat.

List of best vegetables for weight loss:

Greeny leaves:

These are the best in vegetables in the earth. Greeny leaves rich in vitamins and minerals and healthiest. You can add these leaves in your daily routine. Like curry leaves, coriander, drumstick leaves in your dal tadakas. These are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin A will boost your eyesight. So, eat more greeny leaves curries and fries with less oil.

Tip for you: If you are purchasing greeny leaves from the outside market then first you should clean it in salt water for at least 10 min.

My suggestion: Grow the greeny leaves plants in your garden or pots on your own. Outside plants are pesticised with toxic chemicals.

Best vegetables for weight loss

These are having so much of water in them. That will improve your metabolism and burns our excess fat.

Carrots/ Beetroots/Sweet potatoes/ Broccoli/ Cauliflower:

Carrots and Beetroots are too much loaded with vitamins and also increases our hemoglobin percentage. Drink more juices will increases your blood instantly. Eating raw carrots and beetroots fills your stomach and you don’t feel much hungerness.

best vegetables for weight loss

Sweet potatoes are the best resources for burning fat and you can eat it by boiling.

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Broccoli is unique in all vegetables for its water percentage and fast burning fat. But, this may not easily available in Indian markets. Instead of that Cauliflower also gives the same results as that of broccoli. Include these veggies in your diet.

Sprouts/ Beans/ Green peas:

No need of special details about sprouts benefits right? Eating daily sprouts will improve your metabolism and health. Best for weight loss and replacement of junk foods. Make salads of sprouts with onions and lemon on it.

Beans are the rich source of Vitamin-B and Fiber. These will help you with burning fat. Beans have different types and all those are having similar benefits and you should include them in your meals.

If you are a diabetic then take these tips to control diabetes and balanced diet for diabetes.

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