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download epic app

Epic on app is the best Infotainment app that is trending now. We have so many apps for entertainment purposes but some apps like this only give you a lot of information about our past histories, foods, cultures, Festivals, traditions, etc and also with entertainment. Here, I will tell you about the app and how to download epic app on your mobile.

Nowadays people don’t look about past stories and their kids are not able to know all those stuff like what are the stories of their own country, cities, community, festivals, etc. Epic on app gives us full knowledge about that and with short videos, documentaries, TV shows, Recommended videos, Promos, etc.

This is fully Hindi language oriented app with Indian background. Anyone in the world can now know about the Great Indian stories through this.

You can search whatever you want to know and this app will show recommended videos about what you have searched for. This app is about the episodes of traditions but this is not for free. You need to subscribe to this app with premium amount according to your budget.

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We are spending so much on waste stuff but spending money to know this type of infotainment app is better than that right?

How to download Epic app ? Steps & Procedure

  1. Go to Google play store app and search for Epic on app on that.
  2. Start downloading the app and you will get into that after your subscription.
  3. Choose your subscription plan and pay the money online.
  4. Select your area of interests in different playlists.
  5. Enjoy the videos like short videos, full episodes, promos, recommended videos, spoilers, etc.
download epic app
download epic app
download epic app


That’s all friends… This is the information I want to tell you about our unforgettable past ancient histories, cultures, festivals, etc. If you also want to know about them then immediately download epic app and also share it with your friends via Whatsapp, Viber free messenger, Mo chat, Pinterest, etc.

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