Facebook Libra Crypto-currency recently announced!!! Global digital currency without Intermediates

Facebook Libra is the new global digital crypto-currency which will be coming in 2020 by the partnership of several companies who are investing $10 million per each. This is like e-currency where you can transact the money without any fees, coins, paper money, and intermediates.

Calibra works like:

facebook libra

Facebook also announced that it is launching Calibra crypto-currency in this the users can use e-wallets without any middle mediates like Visa, Master card, etc. Libra collaboration with Calibra makes users easy transactions, e-commerce, paying, selling products online. This will not let our transaction data visible to others. Keeps it secret and safe.

How will Libra works for us?

Libra is a going to be the world’s best e-wallet and where it is throwing bitcoin, Mercado Pago, coin base, etc. It works like pay tm, Google pay, Phone pe, etc. Money transaction is easier than the previous wallets. In this, money is transferred as Libra units, not as dollars or Indian rupees, etc. It makes 1000 transactions per second and whereas bitcoin makes only 7 transactions per second. Even though it makes more transactions but it won’t be slow down the server. It will not keep you waiting for the transaction for more time.

What is Libra?

It is completely constructed by Block chain technology. In fact, Bitcoin, all banks, credits, debits, etc all are using this technology only. This is the best for keeping our account securely and it makes us use these type of transactions so easily. Libra is a unit of currency in online from now. It makes everyone so easily connected with the world’s payments. You can pay for anything with just simple tap and pin.

No need to wait behind the ATM centers, Credit card permissions, Intermediates charges. Libra is making all these hell out of it. Just create an Account in Libra and stay connected with confidence. This does not only belongs to Facebook. You can also pay with any partners connected to this Libra.

Partners which are connected with Libra:

Facebook, Calibra, Visa, Spotify, eBay, Vodafone, Master card, Uber, Paypal, Kiva, etc. You can connect and pay with any one of these by connecting libra. Libra association runs this finance sector and more than 2 dozen partners are connected to this. This makes millions of people can empower through online because some of them doesn’t have proper centralized payment method. And, this will avoid those problems and now the money transaction as much as easy as sending a message or image.

Facebook libra

After, Many objections on White paper of Facebook Libra from the government this decentralized Libra coming to the exploration of the global currency through online.

This is a brief knowledge and easily understandable news about the big bang on the earth right now. I will keep you updating. Please do share with your friends. Thank you…

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