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herbalife products review

Herbalife products are an amazing gift for weight loss. Everyone thinks that these type of products are waste and after stopping this we eventually gain extra weight! No… That’s not correct. Here I would like to give you Herbalife products review and let you know about the benefits.

There is no doubt that eating healthy and avoiding junk foods are the best for weight loss. But, some type of body genes quickly put on weight by eating anything. Gaining weight is very easy but losing 1/2 kg is very tough as you know this fact.

Truly recommended for your weight loss:

Best fruits for weight loss, Best vegetables for weight loss in India

Coming to the Herbalife products these are wonderful for quick weight loss. It will control our food carvings and make us eating healthy as a habit. If you do this program for at least 3 months strictly you will get good results.


What you can do is:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Take fruit juices without sugar and without ice cubes
  3. Only take 2 chapatis not more than that
  4. Brown bread sandwich with chicken or vegetables
  5. Roasted peanuts, peas, etc.
  6. A lot of fruits ( seasonal will be better ), Vegetables ( boiled or raw )
  7. popcorn, Idli
  8. Sprout salads, Fruit salads, Veg & Non-veg salads, etc

What you can’t do is:

  1. Don’t eat rice
  2. A big no for sugar, ice-creams, cakes, buns, puffs, pizza, burger, bakery items
  3. No oil foods like fried items, KFC, junk foods, packet foods, etc.
  4. Prefer less salt
  5. Eat less drink more

Weight loss program for men & women ( lost 4 kgs in 4 weeks )

List of Herbalife products:

  • Protein powder
  • Formula 1 nutritional shake mix ( different flavors)
  • Cell-u-loss Tablets
  • Afresh
herbalife products review

My personal suggestion is: Don’t order these products in online social marketing websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. Because the original product is not putting on those sites. For better results and good product only approach your friends who have direct contact with the nearest Herbalife products company with having a referrer id.

How to do this program in a day?

Step-1: Morning first take one glass of Afresh ( 2 spoons) with Hot or cold water.

Step-2: After 15 minutes of drinking Afresh take a cell-u-loss tablet.

Step-3: Again after 10 minutes take Protein Shake mix formula 1.

Preparation of Formula 1 protein mix shake:

Take a shaker and in that pour 150 ml of Skimmed milk, 150 ml of cold water, 2 Spoons of protein powder, 3 Spoons of formula 1 flavor mix. Mix all of them properly and drink it.

Upto this is Break-fast for a day.

For lunch take 2 chapatis with your favorite curry before eating that take a cell-u-loss tablet 15 mins ago.

Evening you should drink Afresh ( 2 Spoons ).

For dinner take cell-u-loss tablet and drink shake mix. This is your full day food program. Don’t take outside food meanwhile you can have fruits, vegetables, juices, salads, sandwiches, etc.


If you don’t know cooking then take a look at this app and download on your laptop. Download cooking app for pc or download it from Google play store from here.

Here I would like to give you the Herbalife products review. Please do this program for at least 3 months then only you will get some good results. After that you can eat whatever you want and you won’t put on sudden weight gain.

This is the best program for weight loss. Because you don’t eat oily foods and bakery sweet items for 3 months your stomach will not regularly ask for outside junk foods. You will eventually habituate to a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes also can have this diet program. Here is the balanced diet sheet for diabetes patients.

Follow this program without cheating and you will get awesome results and I lost 6 inches at my waist in just 1 month. It’s not that easy to lose that much. Also do yoga, workouts, walking, running for at least one hour in a day for good results and fitness and beautiful shape of your body.

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