Massachusetts Institute of Technologies engineering # 7 best ways to get into MIT# student life @ MIT # Fees # Branches

Massachusetts Institute of Technologies engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technologies ( MIT ) is the world’s no.1 school of engineering university. Top-ranked institute located at Cambridge, Massachusetts United States. This article completely focussed on Massachusetts Institute of Technologies engineering branches and how to get into MIT and etc.

How to get into Massachusetts Institute of Technologies engineering ( MIT )?

Admission for undergraduates in MIT is not that much easy for an international student. Especially, for Indians they take only approximately 10 students per year. Even though they are good at studies or rich kids they take only a few students on the basis of some criteria.

  1. Main priority goes to international medals like National olympiads in science or mathematics or etc.
  2. Write SAT ( Scholastic assessment test ) and good score below 1500. This test is for admission at American colleges.
  3. Transfer of toppers in IIT JEE ( Below AIR# 10).
  4. Tofel ranks
  5. Write the ACT exam for admission in American colleges.
  6. Top the school in every year from childhood and be in contact with the faculty. They will recommend you for the admission.
  7. Active participation in extracurricular activities like speeches, leadership, Organizing the events in schools, writing essays, etc.

You can complete your admission from here link

Massachusetts institute of Technologies engineering

List of MIT Engineering branches:

You will find 20 different engineering branches here. Those are ranked on their performance and competitive with world top universities. Here are some of the top branches in engineering you are searching for.

#1 Mechanical engineering

#Tie 1 Aerospace/ Aeronautical/ Astronautical engineering

#7 Civil engineering

#1 Bio medical engineering/ Bio engineering

#2 Computer science engineering

#1 Chemical engineering

#9 Industrial/ Manufacturing/ Systems engineering

#1 Electrical/ Electronic communications engineering

#Tie 1 Material engineering

Student life @ MIT :

Though MIT is a world’s best engineering school that is best university you can expect better student life at MIT. There are 20 research centers like Cancer research center, Soldier nano technologies, Ocean engineering, etc. If you don’t have an interest in your branch then you can shift into MIT part-time career reengineering program.

Internships, workshops, research facilities, career developments, projects, etc you will have more opportunities like this will strive you to the success in your interested field of engineering.

If you have new business ideas you can join in a $100K entrepreneurship program and win a chance to get free start-up money. There are so many initiatives by MIT like Transportation at MIT, interdisciplinary programs, etc.

Fees @ MIT :

Application fees $75 USD ( US natives ) / ( For International students also ). For a student each year they take $ 51,520 USD, In Indian Rupees, it is 36 lakhs approximately.

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